These mind-blowing numbers show how special Quenton Nelson has been for the Colts

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA - SEPTEMBER 12: Quenton Nelson #56 of the Indianapolis Colts (Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images)
INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA - SEPTEMBER 12: Quenton Nelson #56 of the Indianapolis Colts (Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images) /

Indianapolis Colts offensive lineman, Quenton Nelson, has put up a unique set of numbers in his first four seasons.

During the end-of-season press conference for Indianapolis Colts general manager, Chris Ballard, he referred to Quenton Nelson as a “Hall of Fame left guard.”

Typically, there would be an uproar when someone says that about a player at the end of their fourth season, and Ballard even walked the statement back some, admitting he understands Nelson has much more to do before he reserves his spot in Canton.

However, the comment actually didn’t get much flack and that’s because everyone understands how special Nelson is and how dominant he’s been since he stepped foot in the NFL.

Although there’s a consensus that Nelson is an elite talent, it never hurts to see new numbers that emphasize just how elite he is. After four years in the NFL, Nelson has a resume that is simply incredible.

Quenton Nelson produces unique set of fours with Colts

The fact that Nelson has been selected to as many Pro Bowls and All-Pro teams as seasons he’s played is already impressive. But the fact of that being the same number of sacks he’s given up is insane.

Giving up just one sack a season, or every 1,000 snaps is top-tier pass blocking. Not to mention, Nelson is even more frightening when he is run blocking and tossing grown men out of the way.

Nelson is truly a gem and as long as he remains consistent, Ballard’s statement will become true.

In the meantime, the Colts need to find Nelson a running mate on the left side of the line and sign a quality left tackle. That’s one of the weak spots on the roster.

In fact, that was the genesis of Ballard’s “Hall of Fame” comment, when he was asked if Indy would consider moving Nelson to left tackle.

For as much attention that’s paid to Indy’s quarterback position, the left tackle spot is also one of concern. If Indianapolis can find a tackle even close to the caliber of Nelson, the Colts offensive line would be dangerous.

That would provide better circumstances for whoever is taking snaps and ultimately would give Indianapolis a better chance of being a contender.