Colts’ Zaire Franklin had hilarious response to booing Bills fans

Indianapolis Colts linebacker Zaire Franklin had a hilarious response to Bills’ fans.

On Sunday, the Buffalo Bills and their fans were in a bad mood. It was understandable, considering they got beat at home 41-15. That was a result of the Indianapolis Colts, who went on the road and completely dominated.

The Colts were able to blow out Buffalo behind a strong running performance for Jonathan Taylor, as well as four forced turnovers from the defense and special teams.

One of those turnovers was a fourth-quarter interception by Indianapolis linebacker Zaire Franklin. The final score of 41-15 was already set, and this was the third interception of the game. That didn’t stop Bills fans from expressing their displeasure as Franklin celebrated the interception to a chorus of boos.

Following the game, Franklin — who is no stranger to northern New York — took to Twitter to poke fun at the angry Bills fans.

While Franklin may have still been fond of the community, they were not returning the love. It all worked out for Franklin, though, as the praise that Bills fans refused to show him was expressed tenfold by his teammates.

Colts players loved Zaire Franklin’s interception

Franklin is a team captain in Indianapolis, and has been a contributing player on the team for four seasons now. However, the interception on Sunday was the first of his career. It was a special moment not only for Franklin, but also his teammates, who couldn’t have been happier for him.

The response from the fellow Indianapolis players shows the love and respect they have for Franklin. It’s evident that he’s an impactful voice in that facility and that guys love to go to war with him weekly.

So although Franklin didn’t get any love from the New York-based audience who are “like cousins”, he got plenty of love from the crew he calls his brothers.