Cornerbacks chart shows how shockingly awful Xavier Rhodes has been

Xavier Rhodes, Indianapolis Colts. (Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images)
Xavier Rhodes, Indianapolis Colts. (Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images) /

Veteran corner Xavier Rhodes was been a weak spot for the Indianapolis Colts this season.

When the Indianapolis Colts re-signed Xavier Rhodes to another one-year contract, many fans thought they were getting the solid 2020 version of Rhodes that was trending back towards his prime. Unfortunately for Rhodes and Indianapolis, that hasn’t been the case.

Rhodes has only appeared in seven of the Colts’ 10 games and has been a liability in coverage when he’s been on the field. In his seven outings, Rhodes has been targeted 36 times, allowing 25 catches for 402 yards and three touchdowns.

For comparison, in 16 games last season, Rhodes was targeted 81 times and allowed only 42 completions for 563 yards and 5 touchdowns. Unless he has a miracle turnaround, he will blow past that in the next seven games.

Advanced stats tell an even more horrifying story for Rhodes’ performance this season. In a chart plotting outside corners according to their yards per coverage snap allowed by EPA per coverage snap allowed, Rhodes’ name sticks out.

If charts and advanced analytics aren’t your thing, this chart is just saying that Rhodes has been horrible this year— possibly the worst of all outside corners.

Xavier Rhodes having a career-worst year for the Colts

In fairness to Rhodes, he may not be playing at 100%, and at his position, the wounded will be preyed upon. In the beginning of the season, Rhodes suffered a calf injury that he has been battling all year and he has already missed three games because of it.

It then begs the question, why would Rhodes still be going out on the field if he isn’t healthy enough to play to his own standards? Especially when the Colts have other young corners who are listed to be performing fairly well, per the previous chart.

With Indianapolis at 5-5, every remaining game is crucial if they want a shot at the playoffs. With all of the pass-heavy teams around the league, a healthy and quality secondary is necessary. So Rhodes either has to turn his play around, or the Colts must figure out the best combination of players in the secondary that gives them the best shot to win.