Colts QB Carson Wentz reveals he’s not vaccinated and explains why

WESTFIELD, INDIANA - AUGUST 12: Head coach Frank Reich and Carson Wentz #2 of the Indianapolis Colts (Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images)
WESTFIELD, INDIANA - AUGUST 12: Head coach Frank Reich and Carson Wentz #2 of the Indianapolis Colts (Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images) /

There you have it. The definitive answer to the question many Indianapolis Colts fans have been waiting for.

Quarterback Carson Wentz is not vaccinated, which, if you paid close attention to the NFL’s new COVID guidelines, would’ve known that based on the protocols he was forced to go through after being deemed a close contact to someone who had tested positive.

Wentz was placed on the COVID list shortly after that happened and returned on Thursday to a crowd of reporters eager to ask questions about his readiness for Week 1 and to receive confirmation about his vaccination status.

Earlier in the offseason, Wentz declined to give an answer to that question and claimed it was a “personal decision.” Well, the veteran still views the scenario as that, but he also revealed that it’s been a family decision not to get the vaccine and spoke candidly about it on Thursday.

Indianapolis Colts QB Carson Wentz is not vaccinated and here’s why.

He claimed he’s “weighed a lot of things” as it pertains to the vaccine and “knows what’s at stake” but still isn’t willing to get it.

Linebacker Darius Leonard echoed a similar sentiment, stating that he still “wants to learn more about it” and “needs more information about the long-term effects,” while also mentioning he talks to his vaccinated teammates all the time about their decision and thought process that got them there.

In the end, Wentz was still vague, not providing a clear reason for his choice, which is his right, but it’d be nice to understand why so many people are refusing the shot when countless high-profile individuals ranging from doctors, scientists, celebrities, athletes, executives and politicians have gotten it and are willing to disclose why.

Colts: Is Carson Wentz vaccinated?

It’d especially be helpful for a guy like Wentz to do so given his stature on a professional football team. He’s the quarterback, the unquestioned leader. He claims he understands the “stakes.” It’s obvious teams with higher unvaccinated rates will face a competitive disadvantage. If there’s hesitation to get vaccinated, that’s surely understandable … but why?

Maybe that’s the next phase of the questioning directed at Wentz after the last few months were spent merely wondering if he was vaccinated or not? Either way, until then, he’s going to be subject to criticism because he’ll be putting others at risk (including himself!) and, on a note of lesser importance, could affect his team in the win column should he test positive and infect other teammates/personnel.

The Colts knew what they were getting into when trading for an injury-prone quarterback who reportedly possessed baggage and was surrounded by rumors suggesting he was an inefficient leader and poor teammate.

They certainly didn’t think they’d be spending the 2021 season worrying about their starting QB missing significant time to a COVID diagnosis on top of all that, though.