Colts: Fox Sports radio host drops brutal Andrew Luck take

The Indianapolis Colts are gearing up for their final preseason game, though they’re planning on resting most of their starters.

The preseason is a very touchy subject for Colts fans, as it serves as an untimely reminder of Andrew Luck’s retirement.

We hate to even bring it up, but Tuesday marked the two-year anniversary of Luck walking off the Lucas Oil Stadium field surrounded by cameras and reporters just minutes before he made his earth-shattering announcement.

If you remember, Luck was showered with boos from Colts fans, who couldn’t fathom losing their franchise quarterback at 29 years old.

When the dust settled, however, mostly everyone understood why Luck retired and sympathized with his decision.

You know who’s still slamming him for it, though? Fox Sports radio host Ben Maller, who unleashed a cold-blooded take on Luck this week.

Fox Sports radio host Ben Maller still isn’t over Andrew Luck’s retirement.

“I’m not an Andrew Luck fan.” Uh, you think?

For those who aren’t aware of Maller’s work, he’s been beating this drum for quite a while. When the NFL community rallied behind Luck and the reasoning behind his decision, Maller slammed the former Colts superstar for turning his back on the game and his team in the middle of his prime.

For reasons we’ll never understand, it seems like Maller is more fixated on the optics behind Luck’s decision than he is open to the idea that Luck wasn’t in the right mental state to continue playing football.

We all know Luck dealt with countless injuries throughout his career, most of which can be attributed to the Colts’ front office equipping him with a bottom-barrel offensive line. However, forget the physical toll these injuries had on Luck.

While that aspect alone was debilitating, just imagine the impact these injuries were having on his mental health behind the scenes while he was rehabbing to get back on the field with his teammates.

Who is Maller to say when Luck should have retired? Sure, retiring in the middle of the preseason wasn’t ideal timing, but that just shows you the former No. 1 overall pick was seriously considering running it back with the Colts and was grappling with an extremely difficult decision.

Maller also claimed that Luck would’ve spared himself a lot of hate if he just stated he was struggling with his mental health, as if that wasn’t evident during his press conference when he broke down in tears while explaining his decision.

Luck didn’t have to say anything. The message was written all over his face. We’re not sure why Maller still feels this way, but this is just a bizarre hill to die on given almost every other sports media personality is on Luck’s side.