Colts: Star NFL wide receivers can’t stop praising Mike Strachan

Indianapolis Colts wide receiver Mike Strachan (17)
Indianapolis Colts wide receiver Mike Strachan (17) /

The Indianapolis Colts are still trying to evaluate the performance of Sam Ehlinger against Jacob Eason at the quarterback position, but that hasn’t stopped wide receiver Mike Strachan from becoming one of the best stories throughout all of training camp.

Strachan, who was selected in the seventh round after the COVID-19 pandemic canceled his entire season at Division II Charleston, had size (6-5, 225 pounds) and speed, but the jump from that level of football to the NFL has proven to be too cavernous for many. Strachan appears ready to defy those odds.

After an early drop in their preseason matchup against the Carolina Panthers, Strachan finished the game with three catches for 57 yards, and his impressive combination of length and body control was a huge reason why he was able to pick up the pace.

Strachan’s performance not only won him some brownie points with his own coaching staff, but it also helped him earn some adulation from some of the best receivers of all time. Colts legend Reggie Wayne said that his “antennas are up” after watching Strachan dominate in practice.

Colts receiver Mike Strachan is earning plenty of praise.

Strachan earned the approval of Cowboys great and Strachan family friend Michael Irvin, who was excited for the world to see exactly what he could do on a football field. Considering how he started to assert himself over the course of the game against a smaller Panthers secondary, Strachan could contribute on the 53-man roster.

Bengals sensation Chad Johnson also took notice of Strachan’s physical tools, claiming that the Charleston alum is constantly wondering how he can take the pressure off of his quarterbacks and coaches. Johnson hopes that Strachan can become the security blanket for whoever is under center.

Strachan might not be a starter during his first season, but considering that Indianapolis neglected to add wide receivers until the later in the draft, there is a chance that Strachan surpasses most of them in the near future. You can only keep someone with those tools on the bench for so long.

Strachan playing against a bunch of future marketing executives and Best Buy store managers at the Division II level might not have given the Colts the best picture of his talent. Now that they have confirmation from themselves and others that Strachan can get it done at this level, it will be a real surprise if No. 17 isn’t featured in some form or fashion on the NFL roster.