Colts: Adam Vinatieri photobombs Manning and Brady with cheeky message

Ryan Succop #4 of the Tennessee Titans speaks with Adam Vinatieri #4 of the Indianapolis Colts (Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images)
Ryan Succop #4 of the Tennessee Titans speaks with Adam Vinatieri #4 of the Indianapolis Colts (Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images) /

This weekend, Colts fans were given a prime opportunity to bask in watching the Hall-of-Fame level talents they’ve rooted for for so long get the plaudits they deserve.

No, not that guy. We meant the other guy.

No, not the running back, either. The guy lurking in the background over there!

Yeah, the guy posing for a MySpace photo between the crook of Peyton Manning’s arm and a laughing Tom Brady, throwing up the thumbs up. That’s our future Hall of Fame kicker Adam Vinatieri, and even he got a moment in the spotlight this weekend while all eyes were on the latest edition of the Manning-Brady rivalry.

He had to work for it, sure, but he still got it.

Vinatieri was in attendance for the rightful crowning of Manning and Edgerrin James. As it turns out, even non-Colts were also eligible for this honor, and the ceremony also featured luminaries like Calvin Johnson, Charles Woodson and Troy Polamalu.

Though just a humble GOAT kicker, Vinatieri managed to photobomb a tender Manning and Brady moment, then thank the two legends in the aftermath for letting him come along for the ride (and, in some instances, help put the finishing touches on the ride).

Colts K Adam Vinatieri sent a message to Peyton Manning and Tom Brady.

First of all, love Vinatieri’s Instagram etiquette. The whole message thanks both Manning and Brady for their collaborative years, which resulted in the kicker’s Super Bowl resumé getting boosted.

Then, he congratulates Manning on his Hall of Fame induction, clearly remembers he was talking about Brady, too, then just @’s him to show some love, too. Nothing to congratulate him on other than his attendance at Manning’s event, but it was still kind to drop the name.

Not quite as polished as what you’ll typically see from, say, Brady’s Instagram account (shoutout to Peyton for the roast on Sunday night), but it’ll do. The sentiment is there.

The question remains: will both of these men again make the trip to Canton when it comes time for Vinatieri’s Gold Jacket ceremony? And will they pose alongside him, or will they creep in the back?

After all, Vinatieri tells no lies here. It was his kick that split the uprights in the snow against the Raiders. It was his kick that sent the Panthers cat-scratching back Carolina. It was his right foot that made Indianapolis forget all about Mike Vanderjagt (until this very moment?).

He’ll get his rightful spot in due time, and everyone who showed love this weekend had better be back in full force.