Colts: This Marcus Mariota trade with Raiders would save QB situation

HENDERSON, NEVADA - JULY 29: Marcus Mariota #8 of the Las Vegas Raiders (Photo by Steve Marcus/Getty Images)
HENDERSON, NEVADA - JULY 29: Marcus Mariota #8 of the Las Vegas Raiders (Photo by Steve Marcus/Getty Images) /

While some teams decided to sign veteran backup quarterbacks like Marcus Mariota or Jameis Winston in the event that their starter goes down with an injury, the Indianapolis Colts decided to supplement Carson Wentz with Jacob Eason, a raw second-year player with tons of room to grow.

Eason may have to get thrown into the fire in Week 1 as the starting quarterback after Wentz picked up a nasty foot injury that could potentially sideline him for a while. Eason has as much arm talent as any second-year passer in this league, but he’s still a bit green and has no NFL experience.

Mariota, a former second overall pick currently plugging away as a high-end backup for Derek Carr and the Las Vegas Raiders, could not only give a Colts team with playoff hopes a better short-term option than Eason, but he could end up providing more security for an oft-injured quarterback in Wentz.

If the Colts are willing to part with a player and a pick, perhaps even Eason if that is what it takes to get a deal done, they could land one of the better spot-starters and backups in the league as they try to salvage the beginning of the season during which they could be without Wentz.

This Colts-Raiders trade brings Marcus Mariota to Indianapolis.

If the Raiders decide to eventually move off Carr, they’ll likely look for someone with a bit more pizzazz and pedigree than Mariota. If the organization only views him as a backup, why not ditch him for a younger backup with a stronger arm in Eason, all while gaining an extra pick?

Mariota doesn’t have Eason’s arm, but he’s more accurate than Eason will be on his best day, is much more mobile, and has considerable experience in the pros. Eason, for all his upside, is still a project and cannot be trusted to lead the Colts’ offense come Week 1.

Mariota’s career in Tennessee didn’t end well, but there were some years in which he put up very solid numbers despite constant offensive coordinator changes, a bad offensive line, and only one standout receiver.

If Indianapolis thinks their offensive personnel and system is so effective that it can turn around Wentz after one horrid season, why couldn’t it do the same for Mariota, especially when you have his mobility to factor into the equation?

With Wentz’s injury history and current situation, the Colts might be forced to find an upgrade over Eason for the long haul. Mariota would help Colts fans exhale. While he won’t throw for 400 yards every week, he’ll make just enough plays to help the Colts win ballgames, which is exactly what he did in Tennessee and is exactly this team will need as it waits for Wentz to get healthy.

We’d swap a backup and a Day 3 pick for that security.