Colts odds to win AFC South take major hit after Carson Wentz injury news

WESTFIELD, INDIANA - JULY 28: Carson Wentz #2 of the Indianapolis Colts (Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images)
WESTFIELD, INDIANA - JULY 28: Carson Wentz #2 of the Indianapolis Colts (Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images) /

The Indianapolis Colts seemed to be neck-and-neck with the reloaded Tennessee Titans in the AFC South up until sometime on Friday afternoon, when Carson Wentz’s Week 1 status fell into question.

Having a quarterback ruled out “indefinitely” will change a team’s calculus significantly, after all, and the news only got worse on Monday.

Apparently, the foot injury was an evolution of something that first occurred back in high school, per Colts team doctors, and it led us quite naturally to this moment in time.

That is, the moment where a hobbled Wentz underwent surgery surreptitiously, and will now miss a difficult-to-handicap “5-to-12” weeks getting fixed up.

Without Wentz, it seems Indianapolis will utilize Jacob Eason (and Sam Ehlinger, if it comes to that) instead of making a trade for a high-profile backup quarterback.

That hasn’t stopped the high-profile backups from agitating for a job (cough cough, Nick Foles), but for now, the insiders are reporting that the Colts are standing pat, confident in both Frank Reich’s ability to work with their existing QB room and the timeline they’ve been given on Wentz.

…For now, at least.

So, what happens to the magical season we were all expecting? Does Indy still have a chance to hold off Derrick Henry and Tennessee (a borderline impossible task one-on-one, but far more possible in groups)?

Well…according to WynnBET’s odds, their chances of doing so plummeted significantly this afternoon.

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Colts AFC South odds after Carson Wentz injury

Prior to the official announcement of Wentz’s timeline, the Colts sat at -110 to take the AFC South home, with the Titans trailing just behind at +100.

Now? The Titans are -140, with the Colts moving comfortably backwards at +165. And we get it. Tennessee’s a safer bet right now…but don’t be dissuaded entirely by Wentz’s initial return date. There’s a chance things could get much better for the QB with rehabilitation coming over the next few weeks. If you believe in Darius Leonard, Kenny Moore’s breakout, and this offensive line’s ability to keep anyone upright long enough to make things happen, you’ll be glad you bought the bargain.