Colts: Eagles fans crying about Carson Wentz banner gives us joy

Colts QB Carson Wentz (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)
Colts QB Carson Wentz (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /

We’re extremely confident that the Indianapolis Colts found their quarterback of the future in Carson Wentz, whom they acquired via trade this offseason.

If you put his skillset and intangibles aside, the former No. 2 overall pick is an easy player to root for. That makes it all the more important that he got out of Philadelphia, which went to great lengths to run him out of town amid his admittedly disastrous showing under center last year.

The city of Philadelphia, and Eagles fans in general, are notorious for turning on players they previously adored. From posting videos of them burning DeSean Jackson jerseys after he was released in 2014, to booing the Donovan McNabb pick back in 1999, it’s impossible to have sympathy for such an ungrateful fan base.

Taking that into account, we couldn’t help but find great joy in Eagles fans complaining about Wentz’s banner still hanging from Lincoln Financial Field.

Eagles fans complaining about Carson Wentz’s banner not being removed is music to the ears of Colts fans.

You know what’s actually pathetic? Actively tanking a primetime game vs Washington (one of the Eagles’ oldest rivals) in order to stay in contention for a high draft pick. To make matters worse, with a win, the Eagles would’ve eliminated the Football Team from playoff contention.

Sure, a win would’ve clinched the division crown for the Giants, but laying down as obviously as they did on a national stage was embarrassing. Not only did the Eagles bypass attempting a game-tying chip shot field goal late in the third quarter, but they benched Jalen Hurts, who scored their only touchdowns in the game, on the very next possession.

But sure, make a fuss about the Wentz banner still hanging. By the way, if the Eagles front office equipped their now-former franchise quarterback with a a durable offensive line and a competent receiving corps, who knows? Maybe he’d still be calling Philadelphia home and fans would be campaigning for an even bigger banner to be hung on the side of Lincoln Financial.

This isn’t to say that Wentz didn’t play a role in his falling out with Philadelphia, but it was ultimately their ineptitude that drove their relationship into the gutter.

In just a few short months following his trade to the Colts, the 28-year-old QB admitted to undergoing serious personal changes, which include becoming more thick-skinned as it pertains to handling criticism and focusing on living another down instead of trying to play hero ball.

Meanwhile, in Philadelphia, fans are driving themselves up a wall over a poster. We’re no experts, but the early returns suggest Colts won this trade in landslide…and the last time we checked, Wentz is still awaiting his first training camp in Indianapolis.