Colts fans won’t like getting owned in Madden 22 trailer

Colts LB Bobby Okereke (Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images)
Colts LB Bobby Okereke (Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images) /

The Indianapolis Colts’ defense will be looking to build off the momentum they established last season, but the group will have their work cut out for them following the offseason departures of linebacker Anthony Walker and edge rushers Justin Houston and Denico Autry.

Speaking strictly in terms of the linebacker position, the pressure will be on Bobby Okere to fill Walker’s shoes as Darius Leonard’s partner in crime. While Okereke logged a 66% snap share last campaign, he only started eight games and that number figures to double in 2021.

If you couldn’t already tell, we have the utmost confidence that Okereke will make a seamless transition to his expected prominent role. However, the 2019 third-round pick’s confidence might be knocked down a peg or two following the release of the Madden 22 trailer.

In the video, Titans running back Derrick Henry, who absolutely dominated the Colts last campaign, pummels Okereke into the turf with a hellacious stiff arm.

Colts fans won’t appreciate the trailer for Madden 22.

We’d love to know what Colts hater helped create this teaser video. AJ Brown, was that you coding?

We know Henry stiff-arming would-be tacklers into oblivion is one of the NFL’s greatest spectacles, but why couldn’t EA Sports recreate the highlight of Henry manhandling Bills cornerback Josh Norman that broke the internet back in October?

It’s duly noted that the Colts and Titans face off twice a year and their rivalry was turned up several notches following Tennessee’s blockbuster acquisition of Julio Jones, but did they really have to do Indianapolis (and Okereke) like this?

The clip makes it seem like Okereke hasn’t the first clue how to tackle Henry, and that just isn’t accurate. Every linebacker in the league knows to go low on the two-time defending rushing champion, and the trailer shows Okereke trying to grab Henry from his shoulder pad.

That was probably the only weird thing in the trailer, though, right? …Right?


We hate to get up in arms about a trailer, but it’s also a testament to the lack of respect Indy garners around the NFL. After all, the Colts won 11 games last year and pushed Buffalo, who advanced to the AFC Title Game, to the absolute brink in the first round of the playoffs.

Why show a DeForest Buckner sack, a Darius Leonard strip tackle or a punishing run from Jonathan Taylor when you can show Okereke getting tossed by Henry, though, right?

We guarantee Okereke couldn’t care less about how he’s depicted in the trailer, but you better believe he’ll keep this lowlight in the back of his mind in case he meets Henry in the open field in 2021.