Colts: Kenny Moore’s latest tweet shows he’s following right footsteps

Colts CB Kenny Moore (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)
Colts CB Kenny Moore (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images) /

Former New England Patriots UDFA defensive back Kenny Moore (just rubbing it in!) seems likely to continue his ascent with the Indianapolis Colts this year.

But what does the Darius Leonard of the secondary have planned for Year 5 in Indy? Nothing special. Just a continued rise, motivated by the work of an exceptional safety and leader on a fellow AFC contender.

If you’re a DB who isn’t motivated by the hungry and powerful Honey Badger Tyrann Mathieu, then you might want to consider a softer-hitting line of work.

Not Moore, though, who glowingly praised his rival on Tuesday, showing that his personal compass is still pointed in the right direction.

Colts’ Kenny Moore is inspired by Tyrann Mathieu.

You want to be the best? Watch the best.

Moore’s tenure in the league is just beginning, but he’s already become known for both his positive attitude and his propensity for highlight-reel plays; who can forget what he pulled off in the end zone against the Raiders? That was the kind of one-handed pick that can single-handedly change your Madden rating — pun intended.

Even though he’s a corner and Mathieu roams the secondary a bit more freely, there’s still a lot for Moore to pick up from his efforts, both on and off the field. The Honey Badger’s attentiveness and power are second-to-none, and his mentorship has also earned accolades across the game, especially in his second act in Kansas City.

As Moore transitions from the ranks of the undrafted youth to a slightly more veteran presence, even in a secondary without rookies, he’ll need to absorb lessons from around the league and adapt as he prepares for future chapters.

We’re not the only ones to see the similarities, either.

Moore’s athleticism plays well in a league “changed” by roving spectacular defenders like Mathieu, and it seems like 2020 was the first true year that marked his trip to the top of the game’s mountain.

In today’s NFL, it pays to have a player — and person — like Moore hawking balls. If Mathieu changed the league, then Moore intends to improve upon the blueprint.