Colts: Random rumor claims Quenton Nelson extension is looming

When the Indianapolis Colts picked up Quenton Nelson’s fifth-year option, fans knew the team would have some breathing room in regards to negotiating a long-term extension.

Even the latest from Colts owner Jim Irsay suggested new deals for linebacker Darius Leonard and offensive lineman Braden Smith were in the works and would hopefully be done before Week 1.

When he didn’t mention Nelson’s name, some Colts fans raised an eyebrow, but mostly everyone was under the assumption that players hitting free agency after this coming season took priority.

Well, according to this random rumor, it seems Indy is trying to get an extension hammered out with Nelson very soon.

A random rumor from Chad Forbes claims the Colts are nearing an extension with Quenton Nelson.

Chad Forbes is certainly no Adam Schefter and he’s not even a reporter, but he is closely tied to a lot of NFL discourse. We’re not buying this until it comes from someone with more credentials, but at the very least it’s something worth keeping in the back of your mind.

It’s not unrealistic whatsoever that the Colts and Nelson could come to an agreement before training camp. He’s clearly their most valued player and there’s no question the organization has the resources and bandwidth to make it happen. It could actually be beneficial for both sides.

A hypothetical Nelson extension wouldn’t kick in until 2023, which would mean the Colts don’t have to sacrifice any cap space in 2021 or 2022. They can keep his current deal in place and let the new extension kick in when the salary cap balloons in a couple of years. On the other side of the spectrum, Nelson, who could wait to earn even more money assuming he has another two phenomenal seasons, would secure his financial future by agreeing to a deal now.

We’re not buying any stock in Forbes’ “rumor” but we also wouldn’t chuck it out the window. The Colts and Nelson, based on everything we’ve read and heard, prefer a long-term marriage, and many fans, prior to Irsay’s comments last week, were under the assumption that a deal would go down this offseason.

It still could. Maybe he’s first and then Leonard and Smith will be handled in short order. We don’t care about the order! Just get them all under contract and let’s enjoy the next six years of Colts football. Oh yeah, and keep Nelson at left guard. Thanks.