Colts: 49ers already justifying Indy players’ arguments against OTAs

Colts helmet (Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images)
Colts helmet (Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images) /

The Indianapolis Colts are working to fine-tune their skills as they try to hold off a challenge from Julio Jones and the Tennessee Titans in their quest to retake the AFC South division crown. Given all of the team’s new acquisitions, they need some time on the field to gel and start forming a bond with one another.

With a new quarterback in Carson Wentz and a fresh offensive coordinator in Marcus Brady, the Colts need to get a few reps in order to really let this new-look scheme come to fruition.

However, with offseason work comes the dangers of injury, and the San Francisco 49ers were just bitten by that particular flavor of bad luck.

The 49ers just lost one definite starter and one of the better swing tackles in the league on the same day, as defensive back Tarvarius Moore and offensive tackle Justin Skule were ruled out for the season with a torn Achilles and a torn ACL, respectively. The 49ers are once again snakebitten with regard to their poor injury luck.

Coaches always want to get as much practice time as possible, but injuries like this prove that Indianapolis players fighting for a reduced workload in the offseason had their merits. Injuries like these would be huge momentum killers.

The Colts fighting for less practice time looks justified thanks to the 49ers.

In a season where the league implemented a 17th game without the addition of a bye week — a league that already has a questionable (to say the absolute least) history with player safety — the collective doesn’t seem to be making huge strides in the right direction, leaving teams to take their own initiative.

The Colts are a banged-up team already, as Carson Wentz has struggled to stay healthy over the course of his career, one of their top draft choices in Dayo Odeyingbo is recovering from an Achilles problem, and TY Hilton has seen better days from a physical perspective.

While the CBA did cut down on practice time, there are some still clamoring that in order to minimize the chance of injury, teams like the Colts need to be much more measured about how and when they practice, especially with the season so far away.

The Titans are going to be lethal once the season comes around, and the Colts shouldn’t risk potentially jeopardizing whatever chance they have at a successful season.

Practice time is great! And it is needed! However, going overboard at this time of the year could force Indy into the same situation San Francisco is in.