Indianapolis Colts: Kwity Paye meeting Dwight Freeney was legendary

The Indianapolis Colts were able to select Michigan pass rusher Kwity Paye at pick No. 21 after surprisingly not trading back.

GM Chris Ballard reportedly denied overtures to do so. Paye, who many theorized would be selected earlier, fell cleanly into the team’s lap instead. By any metric, the Colts got their guy.

So it was only natural that this generation’s next powerful pass rusher got an opportunity to touch base with Indianapolis Colts history shortly after being drafted.

Thanks to the team’s social media crew (seriously, shoutout), fans got an inside look at a Jim Irsay-facilitated phone call between Paye and Dwight Freeney this weekend, a moment we’ll likely be glad to have on film over the course of these next few years.

Surely, the relationship between Freeney and Paye will develop further over the next several years as the two attempt a passing of a torch.

And it all began with a, “What’s up, big dog?” from the legend.

Indianapolis Colts rookie Kwity Paye got a call from Dwight Freeney as the NFL Draft wore on.

First off, it’s exciting to see that Paye’s already found himself in the building within the first 36 hours after he was selected.

While he’s there fending off Irsay’s family (look at those kids!), he’ll likely dive a bit deeper into Freeney’s history with the franchise, too.

It would certainly be a best-case scenario if Paye were able to somewhat replicate Freeney’s 11 years in Indianapolis, his first-round pedigree (11th overall), and his seven Pro Bowls and trio of first-team All-Pro selections.

Narratively, Paye may already have surpassed Freeney’s draft night emergence. His family history is almost stunning, and he owned the celebration on Thursday night, assuring his mother she can finally enter retirement after all the hard work she’d done to get him to this point.

We’re so proud that the Indianapolis Colts were the franchise that gave this guy a chance to shine.

Keep that number in your contacts, Mr. Paye. You’re probably going to want to rely on Freeney’s guidance often throughout the next few years.