Colts: Zach Ertz could be trade target for Indy after first round of NFL Draft?

Eagles TE Zach Ertz (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)
Eagles TE Zach Ertz (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /

The Indianapolis Colts have confusingly opted against upgrading the offense since they decided to trade for quarterback Carson Wentz.

If you recall how much he struggled under center last season, fans are fully justified having qualms with this situation.

That isn’t to say the offense needs a facelift, but it’s definitely concerning that Indy still hasn’t addressed their left tackle vacancy and tight end situation.

When it comes to the latter, the Colts are currently planning to roll with Jack Doyle and Mo Alie-Cox, who, if we’re being honest, are more adept at blocking in the trenches than route-running and posing any semblance of a threat downfield.

At this rate, it’s looking like the only way Indianapolis upgrades the position is if they trade for Zach Ertz, who they’ve reportedly been monitoring across the last few months.

Well, the latest buzz suggests the Pro Bowl talent won’t be on the Eagles beyond the NFL Draft.

Taking that into consideration, it feels like it’s worth pondering if the Colts should consider targeting Ertz at some point after the first round?

A Zach Ertz trade sounds like a real possibility for the Colts this weekend.

Appearing on the “Inside The Birds” podcast, NFL insider Adam Caplan offered up some very telling insight on Ertz’s situation and when he could be traded.

"“It’s going to happen and there are some teams I’ve talked to — I don’t know who they talked to with the Eagles, but they seem to think he’s going to go … it could be, very realistically, today’s Monday?” said Caplan. “It could happen Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday leading up. It could happen. But it’s going to happen by the end of the draft for sure.”"

Those comments pretty much tell the whole story. Assuming this intel is accurate and Ballard is keen on equipping Wentz with another weapon, he better already have an offered prepared for Howie Roseman, who seems to have backed himself into another corner with a star player.

Ertz will likely have multiple teams vying for his services, but the Colts just feel like the most natural fit. Not only would he be reunited with Wentz, his former quarterback, but he’d also reconnect with Frank Reich, his offensive coordinator for his first Pro Bowl nod in 2017.

The last we heard on the Ertz front indicated the Eagles were demanding a third-round pick in return for him, which is obviously never going to happen with Ballard pulling the strings. Giving up a mid or late-round pick, however, likely wouldn’t bother the four-year general manager.

The only question Ballard has to ask himself is whether he would be willing to give Ertz a new contract, as the tight end is entering the final season of his five-year, $42.5 million deal. The Colts have plenty of cap space to make it happen, but they’ve yet to sign some of their own stars to big extensions.

As long as that isn’t too big of a stumbling block, we’d fully endorse Indianapolis pursuing the Eagles star, who’s still smack in the middle of his prime and would serve as a reliable security blanket over the middle of the field for Wentz.