Colts revealed Carson Wentz’s jersey number with kind gesture to Philly super fan

The Indianapolis Colts have been one of free agency’s biggest disappointments thus far, as they’ve yet to make a move despite being flush with cap space.

If there’s a positive to be had amid GM Chris Ballard’s infuriating conservativeness, however, it’s that the team can officially announce the Carson Wentz trade at 4 p.m. ET on Wednesday, which marks the official start of free agency.

Ever since the deal was completed last month, fans in Indy have been champing at the bit to know which number Wentz will sport with his new team. Well, it looks like the long-awaited reveal was  exposed during the Colts’ gracious gesture to one of the former No. 2 overall pick’s biggest fans.

As evidenced by an awesome pair of photos, the Colts surprised Eagles diehard Giovanni Hamilton, who was utterly devastated when he learned that Wentz was heading to Indy, with what appears to be the first edition of the 28-year-old quarterback’s new jersey number.

After nearly a month of waiting, Carson Wentz’s jersey number with the Colts has been revealed.

What better way to disclose Wentz’s jersey number than gifting his biggest fan with the first look of his new uniform? For those unaware of his story, Hamilton is battling a rare condition called Schwartz-Jampel syndrome and has undergone more than a dozen surgeries in his young life.

The 13-year-old inspiration posted a gut-wrenching video to social media reacting to the Wentz blockbuster, and the Colts star responded by dropping in on one of his Zoom calls, which, as you could imagine, left him absolutely floored.

During the heartwarming interaction, Wentz offered to fly the 13-year-old Hamilton and his family out to Lucas Oil Stadium for a Colts game of his choosing next season. While that was more than anything he could have expected when he logged on to the video chat, it goes without saying this gesture completely threw Hamilton off his game (in a good way).

As for Wentz, well, his new No. 2 jersey — which is ironically the same number Jalen Hurts, who supplanted him as the Eagles starting quarterback last season, currently wears — officially marks the start of the second chapter of his career.

All that’s left to do now is wait for the Colts’ official announcement and subsequent press conference, which Hamilton will undoubtedly be tuned into now that he has an exclusive copy of Wentz’s new threads.