Colts: This is the only Carson Wentz trade package Indy should accept

Eagles QB Carson Wentz (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
Eagles QB Carson Wentz (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images) /

One of the Indianapolis Colts’ preferred trade targets came off the board this past weekend when Matthew Stafford was dealt to the Los Angeles Rams. While this news didn’t exactly paint Indy into a corner as there are still plenty of viable options to consider, it did amplify just how much pressure GM Chris Ballard is under to get this decision right.

Most fans are of the mindset that trading for a quarterback, presumably a polished veteran, would put the Colts in the best position to get back into the playoffs next season. Well, according to the latest rumors, it’s looking like the front office is once again kicking the tires on a deal involving Eagles star Carson Wentz, who was benched this past year in light of an appalling run of form.

We heard a lot about Wentz to the Colts this season, but those rumors petered out after the Eagles fired coach Doug Pederson, which seemingly gave him a second chance to redeem himself with the team that drafted him second overall back in 2016.

However, seeing as though Indianapolis has been mentioned as one of the teams that has recently inquired about Wentz’s availability, now seems like a good time to delve into where they should draw the line as far as trade packages are concerned.

The Colts are reportedly showing interest in trading for Carson Wentz

Wentz’s upside is arguably the only thing he has going for him right now. At the time of his benching, he ranked near the bottom of virtually every major statistical, including dead-last in completion percentage (57.4%) and interceptions (15), as well as 31st in passer rating (72.8), fumbles (10) and yards per attempt (6.0).

Taking that into consideration, the Eagles would be laughed off the phone if they demanded multiple first-round pickx in return for his services. There’s no way to know what his trade value is, but we’re probably looking at something like a single first-round pick and a defensive player, most likely in the secondary given Philadelphia’s need for cornerback help.

If that’s the case, Rock Ya-Sin, who really struggled to live up to his dominance as a rookie two seasons ago, might end up biting the bullet. As the No. 34 overall pick in 2019, the Eagles would essentially be acquiring a first- and second-rounder in return for somebody who was legitimately the worst quarterback in the NFL this past season. If you asked us, that’s a pretty fair trade off.

It’s duly noted that Ya-Sin had a forgettable sophomore campaign, but perhaps a change of scenery is what he needs to return to form after he was constantly badgered by fans for his penalty-plagued performances. We know Philly has a terrible reputation when it comes to exercising patience with players (especially newcomers), but we’re firm believers that Ya-Sin is more of the player fans saw in 2019 than last season.

On the other side of the spectrum, a reunion with Frank Reich, who was the offensive coordinator for Wentz’s best season with the Eagles, could be just what the 28-year-old needs to morph back into the confident gunslinger that was poised to win an MVP award before his ACL injury late on in the 2017 season.

In theory, this trade package would work out for both parties, but if Philly demands anything more from the Colts in return for Wentz, they better hang up the phone. His repugnant performance in 2020 simply doesn’t warrant any more assets being unloaded.