Colts: Pat McAfee examines rumored Andrew Luck ‘comeback’ texts

Indianapolis Colts fans were put through a whirlwind of emotions when they saw Andrew Luck trending on Twitter earlier this week. The reason for that? Well, a random tweeter claimed that his wife has a mutual friend who’s best friends with Luck’s wife, and that the two exchanged texts hinting that the former Pro Bowl quarterback was planning on coming out of retirement.

The fan base honestly didn’t know what to think until well-informed reporters came forward and threw freezing cold water on the rumors.

As if that wasn’t enough to convince the public that Luck is staying retired, former punter Pat McAfee took it upon himself to provide a complete breakdown of the conversation between the tweeter’s wife’s mutual friend and Luck’s wife, Nicole, a tenuous connection at best.

As Luck’s former teammate, let’s just say that McAfee wasn’t buying it.

Pat McAfee investigated the texts that claimed Andrew Luck is planning to come out of retirement to play for the Colts.

Not that McAfee believed it from the start, but suffice to say that the text “Jimmy with the Colts” was the final nail in the coffin of this rumor. That’s really how Jim Irsay is being referred to?

It was also bizarre that the mutual friend claims to know that Luck misses football when she referred to Irsay, someone she probably doesn’t even know, as Jimmy. Then again, if she’s as in-the-know as she claims, maybe her and the 61-year-old owner are so close that they address each other on a first-name basis.

In all seriousness, this is a blatant violation of privacy and, if nothing else, it probably convinced Luck to stay retired.

No reliable reporters or members of the franchise, including GM Chris Ballard and running back Nyheim Hines, are the least bit convinced that Luck returning to the Colts is a remote possibility, so let’s put this discussion to bed until something with actual legs surfaces.