Colts: Andrew Luck releases statement on Anthony Castonzo

Former Colts QB Andrew Luck released a statement on Anthony Castonzo’s decision to retire.

Though the Indianapolis Colts exited the playoffs a lot earlier than they would’ve liked, the vibe entering the offseason was largely positive considering that they are seemingly a few moves away from becoming legitimate championship contenders.

However, that narrative flipped on its head when Anthony Castonzo, one of the most consistent left tackles in the NFL for the last decade, announced his retirement on Tuesday. While there was speculation that he could call it a career after battling through a string of injuries this season, all signs indicated that he planned on returning in 2021.

Taking that into account, Castonzo’s decision was widely viewed as a surprise within league circles. As if that news wasn’t demoralizing enough for Colts fans, it was later revealed that former quarterback Andrew Luck consulted him during his decision-making process.

Knowing that it takes tremendous guts to walk away from something you love earlier than the shelf life for your respective position would indicate, Luck released a powerful statement commending Castonzo for both his courage and grossly underrated career.

Well, so much for being optimistic after an encouraging campaign that saw the Colts finish 11-5 in and push the No. 2 seed Bills to the brink of an upset in the first-round of the playoffs, right?

We’re truthfully still numb to Castonzo’s announcement and the fact that Luck, who made one of the most earth-shattering decisions in league history when he retired during the 2019 preseason with potentially six or seven years of his prime remaining, is prominently involved in this whole thing really hasn’t helped matters from an emotional perspective.

As someone who walked away from football on his own terms, Luck knows all about this grueling process. It was an especially difficult decision for him given that he was the face of the Colts franchise and arguably a top-five player at the quarterback position at the time of his retirement.

If there’s a silver lining to be had here for fans in Indianapolis — other than hearing from Luck for the first time in what feels like an eternity — it lies in the fact that he helped Castonzo come to peace with his decision to hang up his cleats. Had their bodies not betrayed them, who knows, maybe both of them would still be lighting it up for the Colts every weekend.

Actually, you know what? Don’t think about that.

As gutting as this news is, it’s relieving to know that Luck and Castonzo have kept in touch and still hold that unbreakable bond that formulated over seven seasons from 2012 to 2018.