Colts: Eric Ebron shows love to Indy and Mo Alie-Cox during Bears game

Steelers TE Eric Ebron showed love to the Colts and Mo Alie-Cox on Sunday.

When Eric Ebron left the Colts, you could certainly classify his entire tenure as hot and cold.

In 2018, he reached his Draft Day ceiling in his second landing spot, racking up 13 TDs and a Pro Bowl selection. In ’19, it was an entirely different story — without Andrew Luck to find him in the red zone, Ebron often seemed lethargic, only posting a trio of touchdowns in just a pair of starts (11 games played overall).

And, of course, there was the deemphasis/benching against the Steelers that supposedly came about because of a rift with the coaching staff.

Therefore, you’d understand if Ebron — now a Steeler — was spending his COVID-19-related week off doing anything but watching his former team. Well, you’d be way off base! The burly tight end not only declared that he’d be checking out Philip Rivers facing off against the Bears, but he’d be rooting hard for the franchise that cut ties with him this offseason.

Huh. Anti-Bears vibes run deep from the Lions days? Or does Ebron really have a brotherly bond with more Colts than we might’ve anticipated?

Clearly, it’s something closer to the second option.

When Mo Alie-Cox “ate” in the first half with yet another touchdown catch, Ebron was as enthusiastic as the rest of us.

The Colts’ tight end room is in far better shape now than it was when Ebron departed. Even with Trey Burton currently laid up alongside Jack Doyle, Alie-Cox has picked up the slack and more, proving he can approximate a TE1 in their absence.

It’s good to see there are no hard feelings between the aggrieved (we thought?) party and the franchise that let him flail a bit in 2019.

Both sides of this reported disagreement are in a better place now, anyway.