Colts: OC expects throwback performance from Philip Rivers in Week 1

Colts offensive coordinator Nick Siranni is expecting a vintage Philip Rivers performance in Week 1 against Jacksonville.

The Indianapolis Colts will be expected to start 2020 on the winning side of things as they will open their season against the Jacksonville Jaguars, a team which most analysts and pundits are projecting to finish with the worst record in the NFL this year, and understandably so in view of their tumultuous offseason.

Even the most pessimistic of fans in Indianapolis would admit that this matchup is the perfect opportunity for the Colts to boost the morale of their locker room (not that it needs a pick me up).

It goes without saying that the play of Philip Rivers, who signed a one-year deal back in March, will be key in the team taking care of business against an inferior opponent, and it just so happens that Colts offensive coordinator Nick Siranni is expecting a vintage performance from the 38-year-old quarterback.

“I expect him to be the guy that leads the offense,” Sirianni told reports during a video conference on Tuesday. “We know how accurate he is and how he’s a great decision maker. He’s accurate, he makes good fast decisions — so I expect that out of him in the pass game. Getting us into the right protection call, because he studies blitzes and the opposing team more than anyone I’ve ever been around.”

“Then in the run game, just running the show, checking when he needs to, getting people in position to make plays. So I just expect the same from what I’ve experienced. Obviously we have a lot of years and a lot of history with him. Just, I expect the same Philip Rivers that we had when we were in San Diego together.”

We didn’t think it was possible to get more excited for Sunday’s season opener, but these comments from Sirianni have managed to do just that to our psyche.

The 39-year-old OC spent five seasons (2013 to 2017) with Rivers while the QB was still a member of the Chargers, so it’s clear that he’s been impressed with what he’s seen from the veteran gunslinger. In three of those years, Sirianni he held the title of quarterbacks coach.

If there’s anyone on the Colts’ coaching staff — aside from head coach Frank Reich, of course –whose comments about Rivers fans should take with face value, it’s the fourth-year offensive coordinator.

Considering their history, Sirianni obviously wouldn’t heap praise on Rivers if he felt it wasn’t warranted, so Colts Nation should be expecting the eight-time Pro Bowler to turn back the clock with a big time performance against the Jaguars.