Colts ’20 vs. COVID-19: Who wins this NFL season?

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Winning Scenario:  Making the 5-Month Journey Through the Minefield

  1.  If the NFL goes to school on earlier play in the NBA, MLB and NHL before regular season starts. NBA may even have higher risk of in-play infection, and they’re clean in the bubble.   The NHL is already into their playoffs, using hub cities as the NBA is (and the NFL is not).
  2. If the Colts leadership leads.  From owner Jim Irsay to GM Chris Ballard to Head Coach Frank Reich on down, the Indianapolis Colts have the leadership to set an example for the rest of the league. So can the fans. Stop complaining when other people are losing their mothers and fathers, grandparents and friends. If you can breathe without a struggle, you are blessed.
  3. If the media does their job and questions the NFL harder on health strategy. Props to Michael Gehlken on the Dallas Cowboys beat, who posed hard questions a few weeks back.  We need someone in national sports news who will pop the NFL bubble. Peter King: C’mon, man!
  4. If Players practice full protocols, just like front-line health workers do it religiously, before a flood of infections washes away the Vanity Fair that is/was the NFL.
  5. Everyone accepts the anomaly season as games of chance, where all teams have to simply play each other. At Russian Roulette.

"“The race is not to the swift or the battle to the strong…. time and chance overtake them all. — Book of Ecclesiastes 9:11"

Outcomes in a Nutshell

Q:  If the NFL has a workable plan, why won’t they share it, and why it should work?

Until that question is answered, this is all we can reasonably predict:

By Halloween, the Indy Colts’ season will see light at the end of the tunnel. Either the Colts will be running towards the headlight of a runaway train, or running for daylight. Aim for the latter.  Prepare for the former.

If NFL Sundays become silent, maybe we’ll rediscover other purposes for Sunday, like playing sports with our families, or just enjoying a day of rest, what used to be called the Sabbath.

Y’all stay safe.