Colts ’20 vs. COVID-19: Who wins this NFL season?

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Scenario Two:  Coronavirus Chaos

Suppose it is a team the Indy Colts played a week prior that has an outbreak, with two to 20 men soon testing positive. How on earth do the Colts then practice against each other for their next game, let alone play the next team?  Out of the Colts’ 16 regular season games,  when could they reschedule just one game? Two games? Four? Eight?

Colts Frank Reich
Colts head coach Frank Reich will keep using Zoom instead of heading into team facilities. /

Q: Do players get it yet?  A:  C’mon, man!  

Look at the photos and video of new/old quarterback Philip Rivers checking into Colts training camp. Look at the Wild West bandana masking his face. That turtle neck not only looks like plain cotton, it looks like a cutaway t-shirt. I think it IS a t-shirt! The air gap around his nose is hilarious. A NIOSH-rated N-95 mask will catch over 95% of airborne particles. A single-layer cotton rag? Not so much. I so respect Rivers, but.. “C’mon man!” ‘Doctor’ Phil would be the first to say that ignorance is no excuse. Show me Rivers and other team leaders washing hands after every transaction. Show me pics where they aren’t wearing their mask like a chin strap (you too, fans!). Then I believe they will stay afloat for five months plus playoffs.