What to expect from the Colts’ receiving corps in 2020

The Colts will have a much better receiving threat this season with the acquisition of Michael Pittman Jr.

It has been a struggle to find reliable pass catchers for the Colts in recent years, whether it be due to injuries or ineffectiveness. The only player who they have been able to rely on for the past three years to catch the ball with regularity is T.Y. Hilton, and he struggled with injuries last season.

That should change in 2020. Hilton is fully healthy, as is Parris Campbell, and Indy drafted Michael Pittman Jr. Pittman is the big-bodied receiver they have been missing on the roster. He is someone who has great ball skills who can go up and get a 50/50 ball.

Indianapolis tried to have that guy in Devin Funchess a year ago, but he only played a half of football for the Colts before getting hurt for the whole year. They needed someone else that they could rely on to fill that role for not just this season, but seasons to come.

Campbell is someone who also has all the potential in the world. He had a myriad of injuries in his rookie season that handicapped his rookie season. Now with him being fully healthy, he can show off that world-class speed that made the Colts so excited to draft him in the first place.

Hilton is still the number one guy after all these years. He still has the most experience and the biggest threat. Hilton is the guy that teams have to gameplan around. He also still owns rental space in every single member of the secondary in Houston.

Zach Pascal is a guy who won’t get as many opportunities as he did a year ago with all the injuries, but he will still be a valuable part of the rotation. He is a guy who proved his worth in 2019 as a guy who isn’t a top option, but someone who can still be relied on to make plays.

All of these guys will be helped by the addition of Philip Rivers. Now that Rivers is the starter, the Colts will throw the ball more than they have in the past and allow the offense to be more multi-dimensional. Expect a much better year from the receivers in 2020.