Summer must-haves for the Indianapolis Colts fan

The days are long, the sun is hot and we’re in summertime. But these Indianapolis Colts must-haves will have you feeling breezy for the next few months.

You turn up the air conditioning a bit, sweatpants hit the back of the closet and you daydream about taking a swim. Must mean we’re neck-deep in summertime. But while the dog days of August loom large, these Indianapolis Colts summer must-haves will have you feeling great.

All of the items below come from our friends at FOCO and Fanatics. While we’ve picked some of our favorite items, both sites have a ton more gear that isn’t shown below.


Indianapolis Colts Nike T-Shirt

A fresh new look that will help keep you cool as temperatures rise. And you’re going to look great, too.

Get your Nike t-shirt at Fanatics for $29.99.


Indianapolis Colts Coleman Soft Cooler

This cooler can hold 16 cans and will keep all your beverages cold for up to 24 hours. That’s the type of cooling power you’ll need this summer.

Get your Coleman soft cooler at Fanatics for $39.99.


Indianapolis Colts Tent

Create some shade for yourself with this massive tent.

Get an event tent at Fanatics for $229.99.


Indianapolis Colts 20 oz. Stealth Water Bottle

It’s important to stay hydrated. Combat the heat with this 20 oz. water bottle.

Get a stealth water bottle at Fanatics for $32.99.


Indianapolis Colts Gaiter Scarf

Cover your face in public with this gaiter scarf. Multiple styles are available (floral, stars and stripes, big logo, mini logo and more).

Get a gaiter scarf at FOCO for $15.


Indianapolis Colts Floral Button-Up Shirt

You’ll look like a complete boss all summer long with this fun, floral button-up shirt.

Get a floral shirt at FOCO for $50.


Indianapolis Colts Straw Hat

A little extra shade is a wonderful thing in summertime. This straw hat is stylish and effective.

Get a team logo straw hat at FOCO for $35.