Colts will have a training camp, just not at Grand Park

It looks like the Colts will have a training camp after all. It just won’t be at Grand Park like it has been the last few years.

The Colts have had their training camp in Westfield at Grand Park for the past few years. It has been a great experience for everyone involved. The facilities are great, it’s easier for fans to get to, and it has been in a great town with lots of things around it to make the whole experience better.

That experience will be put on hold in 2020 though. With the coronavirus pandemic hitting the world hard this year, the NFL announced that there will be no traveling training camps this year. That also means there will be no joint practices either.

This is a good news/bad news situation. The good news is that there will be a training camp after all after fears that the NFL would have to skip it. There will be time for new players to get integrated into the system and have snaps with their teammates before games happen.

Of course the bad news is that the Colts now have to hold their training camp at their facility on 56th street instead of in Westfield in front of fans. Even though fans won’t be happy that they can’t see their team in training camp, they should still take this news overall as good news.

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As more and more time passes, it becomes clearer that there will be football this fall in some capacity. We still don’t know if games will be played in front of fans or not, but any football is better than no football.

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