How the Colts plan to use both Marlon Mack and Jonathan Taylor

Marlon Mack is still the starting back for the Indianapolis Colts. (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
Marlon Mack is still the starting back for the Indianapolis Colts. (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images) /

The Colts now have two dynamic running backs they can use at any time. Here’s how they can best use each player to maximize their talents.

Marlon Mack has been a very good running back since he was drafted back in 2017. For being a fourth-round pick, he has far exceeded the amount of production the team was expecting from him. He seems to be getting better with each passing season.

Jonathan Taylor was the second player taken by the Colts in this year’s draft. Being a second-round pick means that he will get a lot of playing time, especially with Mack on the last season of his rookie deal. He is the future at the running back position.

Having both backs gives the Colts a luxury in the backfield. They can use both at any given time because both have very similar skill sets. There are a few ways to maximize each player’s talent though. It will be paramount to identify which plays can do this.

Colts love that both backs have speed

Mack will still be the starter and will likely get the bulk of carries in which the objective is to get to the outside. Mack has true breakaway speed and is very shifty in the open field. If you get him in space, it is very difficult to bring him down in one-on-one scenarios.

Taylor has more power on the inside while still retaining top-shelf speed. He will likely be used more in between the tackles. Taylor can break more tackles than Mack can while still having that same game-changing gear to blow by defenders and leave them behind.

Mack is the better receiver of the two, but it likely doesn’t matter. Nyheim Hines will get the bulk of the receptions out of the running back room. If the Colts do want to switch it up though, Mack should be the guy they target instead of Taylor.

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How these two running backs fit together will determine the true ceiling of this offense. If the running game meshes, they could be an elite unit.