Don’t forget what Jack Doyle can do for the Colts

Jack Doyle is a versatile weapon for the Indianapolis Colts.(Photo by Bobby Ellis/Getty Images)
Jack Doyle is a versatile weapon for the Indianapolis Colts.(Photo by Bobby Ellis/Getty Images) /

The tight end still played at a Pro Bowl level in 2019 despite having an inferior passing game. Expect him to be even better this season.

Jack Doyle is one of the most diverse tight ends in the league. He has great hands, runs crisp routes, and is an excellent blocker in all running situations. He is even used as a lead blocker in most of the Colts’ plays where a lead blocker is necessary.

While his lead blocking duties may diminish with the signing of Roosevelt Nix, his versatility will only make him better in 2020. Last season, Doyle only had 448 receiving yards and still made the Pro Bowl. That’s because people recognize how valuable to the team he is.

With Philip Rivers coming in to be the starter, expect Doyle to only be better. Rivers loves throwing to tight ends in the red zone. While Doyle isn’t the red zone threat that Eric Ebron was, he can still make some catches and turn them into touchdowns when close to the goal line.

Colts love what Doyle does for them

The Colts know just how valuable Doyle is for them. They showed their gratitude by signing him to a three-year $21 million deal at the end of last season. Ballard doesn’t just shell out that kind of money for anyone. Doyle adds value to this team that few players can.

With all of the free-agent acquisitions and draftees coming in, some fans may forget Doyle. That would be a mistake. Perhaps no one benefits more from these acquisitions than Doyle. He will now get more targets in the passing game with more attention being paid to the outside.

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Not only that, but he gets to block for another smart runner in Jonathan Taylor. He loves run blocking just as much as he does catching the ball. He just wants to help the team win, and that’s why fans love him so much.