3 greatest one-hit wonders in Colts history

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Have you ever thought back about a particular season and remember a player who had an incredible year and wonder what happened to them? Meet the three biggest one-hit wonders in the history of the Colts.

The Colts have had some incredible individual seasons in their history in Indianapolis. They have had multiple players break records, make Pro Bowls, and make All-Pro teams. Most of those players have done great things consistently for more than one year.

Sometimes though there are players who are just a flash in the pan. They only play great for one season and then for one reason or another, just disappears. It truly is a wild phenomenon. It’s one that I wish I could understand and predict when it will happen next.

The Colts have had some of those players in recent memory as well. In fact, all of these players on this list have played for the team in the last 10 years. They all had one really good season for the team and then was a disappointment after that and was never the same.

These three players had one really good season that impacted the team greatly. After the season though, they were really bad or just couldn’t produce at nearly the same level. I loved all three of these players at one point too, and then I quickly realized that I shouldn’t have.

The first player on this list was a really good young player on defense. Unfortunately, he couldn’t keep up his level of production after his really good second year in the league.

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