Will Buckner or Rivers impact the Colts more?

The two biggest offseason acquisitions for the Colts by far are Philip Rivers and DeForest Buckner. Which of them will impact the team more right away?

The Colts didn’t have a first-round pick in the 2020 draft. That was because they traded it away for DeForest Buckner and then re-signed him to a massive five-year extension. He is expected to make a major impact along the defensive line immediately.

Indy also decided they wanted a new starting quarterback for this season, electing to sign Philip Rivers to a one-year deal. Clearly the poor play of Jacoby Brissett down the stretch wore thin on the coaching staff and front office. They hope Rivers can immediately impact the passing game.

These are two big-time signings and big-time names. Both have the ability to impact not just their unit, but their entire side of the ball immediately. Buckner will help rush the passer more from the interior. Rivers will be the passer they hoped Brissett would be.

But which of these two players will impact the Colts more right away? The answer isn’t as obvious as you might think. Buckner is only 25 and has already made a Pro Bowl. He was a key cog on a defensive front that led the 49ers to the Super Bowl last season.

Rivers is the answer to the question though, simply because he touches the ball every play on offense. No player on the field has more impact on the game of football than the quarterback. Rivers can give the Colts more of a downfield threat they were lacking a year ago.

The coaches are hoping both play a big role in the team’s success this season. If they do both play well, this team can definitely make some noise in the playoffs.