Colts make changes to logo and uniform

It seems to be the year of uniform changes and the Colts have decided to get into the fold with it as well.

It seems that every other day a team is announcing changes to their uniform on their Twitter account. Multiple teams have done full-on changes to their uniform and added new colors. The Colts haven’t gone quite that far, but changes have been made.

The Colts announced on their Twitter account that they made some tweaks to their uniform. They also have a new secondary logo as well as a new wordmark. The wordmark is the one with the most changes, as you can see below.

The team has opted for a more streamlined look of the wordmark, making it shorter. It’s not as stretched out at the top and is instead more stretched width-wise. It’s not a revolutionary change, it is something new that we haven’t seen from the team.

Something that is completely new is the secondary logo. As you can see, they have a white C with 7 grommets around it and the shape of Indiana in the center. I think it’s actually very well done. It pays homage to the primary logo and encompasses the entire state which has embraced the team since it moved there in 1984.

As far as the uniform changes go, they are quite small. The biggest change is something that you won’t even see, as they added the secondary logo to the inside of the neckline. The new wordmark is also on the front of the helmet. What fans might notice most is the slight change in the look of the numbers.

The numbers on the jersey are slightly bigger and more pronounced than they were before. According to the team, these changes are supposed to be a more futuristic look while keeping a lot of the traditional look the same.

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