Here are some receivers the Colts could draft in 2020

There isn’t much left in free agency in terms of pass catchers. The good news is that this is the deepest wide receiver draft we have seen in years.

The Colts had an issue with players stepping up on the outside in 2019. If T.Y. Hilton wasn’t in the game, they had no threat at the receiver position, especially deep. Injuries certainly played a part, but the team just needs more receivers that they can count on.

The draft is an excellent source of receivers this year. There are plenty of top-shelf talent this season. But better than that, there are plenty of receivers who can be taken late that will be instant contributors for their team. The Colts need one of those guys.

While they no longer have a first-round pick, there are still plenty of guys that should be available to them in later rounds. They have two second-round picks so perhaps they use one of them on a receiver. Tee Higgins out of Clemson is a candidate in this round, as is Chase Claypool from Notre Dame.

Higgins is a great route runner and can generate separation that way as opposed to top-end speed. He is extremely reliable with his hands, catching 59 balls in his last two seasons. He also caught a total of 25 touchdowns in that span, so he has a nose for the endzone. His big 6’4 frame helps with that.

Claypool is another 6’4 guy who really put himself on the map this season after catching 13 touchdowns and amassing 1,037 yards on 66 catches. He too is a good red-zone threat and would be a nice fit next to speedsters Hilton and Parris Campbell.

If neither of those players are available, K.J. Hill would be a good fit in the third round. Hill might be the best route runner in this entire draft class. He isn’t quite as big as Higgins or Claypool but has a super reliable set of hands. He would also be a good fit in Indy.

As many as seven receivers could be drafted in the first round of this year’s draft. That shouldn’t deter the Colts from doing their homework and finding a guy in a later round who can help this team for years to come.