Ranking the best moves the Colts can make at quarterback in 2020

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The Colts have a vast amount of options at the quarterback position. Here are the best options for the team to return to dominance in the AFC.

Free agency looms. March 18th marks the official first day of the 2020 NFL season, and teams will be scrambling to sign league stars looking for new teams. The NFL Draft is shortly after and the league’s best young prospects are set to change the future of teams across the league. The Colts are in one of the best positions in the NFL. With three draft picks in the top 45 and a projected $90 million in cap space, the team is set to make a huge splash in both the draft and free agency.

The team’s biggest need is at the quarterback position. Success in the NFL comes at QB and the saturation of good players at the position only makes way for a need to find the best possible player, even if the current QB for a team was previously thought to be good enough. This is definitely the case for the Colts; Jacoby Brissett is a  serviceable quarterback who is talented enough to win games for the team.

That simply isn’t good enough in the current state of the NFL. Teams will move off of a potential franchise QB if they can’t take the team to the Super Bowl, even if he was only drafted one year prior (see Cardinals).

With that said, here are the best moves that the Colts can make to address the quarterback position moving into the 2020 season.

1. Philip Rivers: The perfect short-term starter

This option isn’t the most exciting, mostly because it’s been rumored for close to a month at this point. However, the Colts shouldn’t be in any rush to find their franchise QB this year in the draft. Signing Philip Rivers allows the team to look deeper into future drafts while Rivers serves as a reliable bridge quarterback for the next year or two. The Colts hold the 13th pick in the draft this year, but up to four teams in the top 10 alone will be looking to draft a QB. This doesn’t put the team in the best spot to sign one of the league’s top prospects unless they trade up into the top five. It hasn’t been reported that GM Chris Ballard and the front office is looking at a QB early in this draft, so it’s becoming more likely that a free agent QB is the move that the team is looking at.

Rivers, while not being the most exciting player to sign in comparison to others, is a great fit in Indianapolis. He isn’t athletic or mobile, and he has been shown to be mistake-prone. However, Rivers would be a good enough player for the Colts to contend in the playoffs, given the talent on the roster. The team’s offensive line is one of the league’s best; this allows Rivers to be able to have time in the pocket and move the ball down the field accurately and efficiently. The run game is also good enough so that he wouldn’t need to throw 40 times per game.

Rivers’ connection with HC Frank Reich and OC Nick Sirianni would allow him to quickly learn the team’s system without much difficulty. Rivers’ ability to throw the ball deep is a perfect addition to the offense; he is the best candidate for the Colts to move towards the postseason again next season, all while actively searching for the next franchise QB.

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