5 things Colts fans should be looking forward to entering draft season

As NFL Draft season approaches, Indianapolis Colts fans have plenty to look forward to regarding the assembling of the team’s 2020 roster.

Entering his 3rd season as general manager, Chris Ballard has a lot of holes and question marks to address within the Colts’ roster, leaving many things for Horseshoe faithful to look out for in the coming months leading up to kicking off the 2020 NFL season.

  1. The NFL Combine- kicking off on February 23rd, the NFL combine will be something very important for Colts fans to watch for. With the possibility of a new franchise QB taking command of the offense, prospects like Jordan Love, Justin Herbert, and Jake Fromm will be obvious focuses for Ballard and staff.
  2. Anthony Castonzo‘s BIG decision- with the NFL combine on the horizon, it comes as a bit of an uneasy surprise to many Colts fans everywhere that Anthony Castonzo has yet to make his retirement decision. All offseason, the Colts have awaited Castonzo’s decision eagerly, as it will have many implications on Ballard’s gameplan for the draft and free agency.
  3. Andrew Luck discussion- while it could easily be considered very unlikely, talk about the Colts’ ex-franchise QB returning will swirl around Indianapolis all spring. Until we get a definite answer from Luck himself about his future, be ready to continue seeing much speculation and conversation about his possible return. While unlikely, don’t count out Andrew’s love for the game winning out and bringing him back into Lucas Oil Stadium in 2020.
  4. Big-time free agent pickup(s)?- Of course the Tom Brady and Phillip Rivers talks will be alive and well throughout free agency, but there are many big-time free agents at other positions of need for the Horseshoe that Ballard may go after. Names like Jadeveon Clowney, Chris Jones, and Amari Cooper should be watched for here.
  5. The NFL Draft- probably the most obvious of all five, this NFL Draft will be the most important one yet for Ballard. He has everything he needs to take this Colts team to contention, including a 13th overall pick that may be used for the QB of the future. Regardless, this upcoming NFL draft will mean a lot to the city of Indianapolis.
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The 2020 season will no doubt be a big one for the Colts and their future. It’s time this team started making the playoffs regularly, and this season should establish that thought in everyone’s mind across the league.

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