Indianapolis Colts: Top Five of 2019 – Touchdowns

The Colts have had some eye-popping touchdowns in 2019. Here are the five best (and a couple of others).

Before the race for the NFL Draft and the 2020 season begins, let’s look back at some of the Colts’ best moments from this past season. Everything, from the positive moments like the best touchdowns or single-game performances to the negative ones like the worst performances and moments, will be looked at.

We’ll begin by looking at the team’s five best touchdowns from the 2019 season, along with a couple of honorable mentions.

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Let’s dive right into the endzone!

Honorable Mentions:

4. Marlon Mack throws a mean stiff-arm and powers in for the TD (Week 3 vs Atlanta)

Holding a 3-point lead in the 4th quarter, Marlon Mack capped off the game-sealing drive with a vicious 4-yard touchdown run. Mack immediately broke out to his right with a double move juke on Desmond Trufant before also hitting him with a light stiff arm to get himself some distance. Mack then barreled forward and landed a nasty stiff on Demontae Kazee, sending him to the ground with ease, before reaching across the goal line to extend the Colts lead to 10.

Mack’s running ability is among some fo the league’s best; he’s shown it plenty of times in his career and will continue to do so. On this run alone, Mack showed his patience at the beginning of the play to pick and choose his spot, à la Le’Veon Bell, his shiftiness with his juke on Trufant, his power during his stiff-arm of Kazee, and his speed with the ball when out-racing the oncoming defenders just in time to get across the goal line.

3. Nyheim Hines‘ incredible two punt returns for touchdowns (Week 16 vs Carolina)

The only return touchdowns on the year for the Colts, Hines returned not only one, but two punt returns to the house in a 38-6 blowout of the Carolina Panthers. His first was an 84-yard scamper in the first quarter. Hines caught the punt, waited for his blocks, and took off down the left sideline. Hines burst through the hole created by his blockers, outran Panther punter Michael Palardy, and scored to give the Colts a 14-0 lead.

Hines put the icing on the cake in the fourth quarter with another punt return to the house, this one a 71-yard return. Quite possibly the more impressive of the two, Hines took the punt up the middle before juking outside to the right far sideline. Hines flew past the first wave of Panthers defenders and got past special teamer Cole Luke (of Carolina) and ran in for his second return TD of the day.

Hines, while buried on the RB depth chart, has emerged as a lethal threat in the return game with his track team-like speed in open space.

2. Marlon Mack busts out two spin moves and scores the TD (Week 11 vs Jacksonville)

Earlier, I discussed Jacoby Brissett‘s 4th down scrambling TD To Marcus Johnson in this game. That was, for sure, one of the season’s best passing TD’s of the year for the team. Marlon Mack has claimed the best rushing TD of the season in this same game. Mack’s 13-yard TD run capped off the game-tying drive in the first quarter to even the game at 7. Mack went up the middle on the run but was met almost immediately by the Jaguars defensive line. Mack spun out of a tackle and broke outside to the right sideline. He put on another spin move, this time on lineman Yannick Ngakoue, and burst inside the 5-yard line. Mack finished it off with a stiff-arm to Jaguars safety Jarrod Wilson and got over the goal line for the best Colts rushing touchdown of the season.

1. Eric Ebron‘s improbable one-handed catch for a TD (Week 6 vs Houston)

The number one touchdown on the season for the Colts was an incredible one-handed catch by TE Eric Ebron in the back of the end zone. Ebron came across the field on a play that looked to be designed for offensive guard Quenton Nelson out of the flat. However, Nelson was covered, and instead, we received Ebron stabbing the ball out of the air for a 4-yard Colts touchdown. Not only that, Ebron’s best effort on the play came while getting both of his feet down while falling backward out of the end zone.

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The best Colts touchdown of the year goes to Eric Ebron! Let us know what you think of the list? Are there any touchdowns we missed?

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