Colts players need to make rest a priority

The entire team had so many injuries in the 2019, so the players need to make sure that they rest up and get healthy in the offseason.

Rest is something that most people associate with the regular season. Most people think that rest is more important when it comes to bye weeks. Actually, rest is just as important in the offseason too. Players need to use that time to recover and de-stress themselves.

The offseason certainly is a time for players to get better. They train and workout to keep themselves in shape and improve their craft. But sometimes they work themselves a little bit too hard and increase their chances for injury either in training camp or the next season.

Players like Parris Campbell, T.Y. Hilton, and Malik Hooker need to not only make their bodies stronger, but rest up too. They need to make sure that they fully recover from their injuries before they put their bodies through something that can make them worse.

Rest is something that is becoming more important in sports. The NBA has more of a problem with rest than the other leagues. But the NFL has a more physical product and rest is more imperative. Players have to make it more of a priority in the offseason.

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Coaches need to do a good job of communicating that rest is an important issue. I feel like the Colts do a good job with that and will especially do a good job with that this offseason after having so many players miss time with injuries.

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