Here’s what the Colts need to do this off-season to return to the playoffs

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Colts fans: don’t worry. The 2019 season was a disappointment, but here’s what the Colts will do to bring the team back to the playoffs.

The 2019-2020 season was sub par, that’s an obvious fact. Everything that could have gone wrong went wrong. The season concluded with below-average quarterback statistics. The top receiving targets finished with some form of injury, four of which ended the season on Injured Reserve.

One of the most loved players in franchise history has one foot out of the door. Two of the team’s division rivals made the playoffs, and to add insult to injury, one (the Titans) made the AFC Championship game. Plain and simple, the Colts did not produce what was expected of them following the first half of the season.

Injuries are one thing, but personnel is another. Some of that personnel did not perform up to par when they were needed to. They played poorly when they needed to step up the most. It’s time for the Colts’ management to step up and find players who won’t do that.

GM Chris Ballard and HC Frank Reich understand the situation at hand. Here is what they will do this offseason to bring the Colts back to the top of the division and into the playoffs again.

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