Colts QB possibilities: Andrew Luck

We went through all of the free agent possibilities at quarterback with the Colts, but there is one big one that’s right in their own backyard.

There is only one reason why Jacoby Brissett was the starting quarterback for the Colts in 2019. That is because Andrew Luck abruptly retired. He retired because of the injuries piling up and he didn’t want to feel hurt anymore. He was tired of the cycle of pain.

Brissett was then thrust into a situation that, let’s be honest, he was not fully prepared for. The roster around him was built to complement Luck and his skill set. The year went poorly because of it. But now that a full season has passed, is it possible Luck could find his way back on the roster?

This is a scenario that makes more sense than any free agent signing. Luck is already under contract with the Colts, so they wouldn’t need to spend any extra money. The roster is already familiar with him and it would be a seamless transition.

Luck has had a full season to heal from his calf/ankle injury and should be completely healthy. He is still just 30 years old and is in the prime of his career. He would be able to step back in and be one of the best players in the league as soon as the takes the field.

The problem with this scenario is that Luck has not indicated he would come back. In fact, his father came out and recently said he doesn’t think Luck will ever come back. He just recently became a father and is enjoying his time with his family.

Luck likely won’t ever play football again, as this is not a reasonable possibility for the Colts. Everyone has moved on, and we need to as well as fans. I’ve had people ask me if Luck would ever come back. My answer is no, and that is the stance the organization is taking too.

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We will continue to look at other possibilities at QB as the week goes on, as we will start looking at the draft possibilities the team might pursue.

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