Colts 2019 season: Best game

We continue our recap of the 2019 season by looking at the best game the Colts played. Unfortunately, they didn’t have more games like this.

Early in the season, it looked like the Colts were a smash-mouth team that could control the clock and the tempo of the game. It looked like they were on pace to be a great team. That ended up not happening, because after their best game, they fell apart.

The best game they played was very early in the year. It was their fantastic 19-13 victory over Kansas City on Sunday night. That win put the Colts at 5-2 on the season and put them as the second seed in the AFC. It was one of the best wins anyone had all season long.

In that game, the Colts were down four defensive starters. Yet they only allowed one touchdown to the high-powered Chiefs offense. Most of the secondary was hurt and it was left to players like Shakial Taylor and Quincy Wilson to stop their passing game.

They were able to do so, but they got help from the Colts’ offense. That offense ran the ball for a total of 180 yards. Marlon Mack had 132 yards by himself. The effectiveness of the run game allowed the Colts to have the ball for 37 minutes, keeping Patrick Mahomes on the sidelines.

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Unfortunately, the team kind of fell off the wagon after this game. They weren’t able to recreate the success they had, and ended up only winning two more games the entire season. If they can play more games like that in the future, they will be in better shape.

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