Colts 2019 season awards: MVP

With the season being over and the playoffs in full swing, it’s time to take a look back at the 2019 season. We start things off on a positive note, looking at the Colts’ MVP for the season.

We all know that the 2019 season didn’t go as expected from the start. But most of the players tried to make the best of it and still have a positive season. Unfortunately, the Colts just didn’t have enough playmakers to win enough games.

But their best playmaker was the MVP of their season. That playmaker is Marlon Mack. Mack was the most reliable source of offense throughout the season. He put this team on his back at times this season to drag them to wins, or at least give them a chance to.

Mack had his best season as a pro. In his third year, he ran for 1,091 yards on 247 carries and scored 8 rushing touchdowns. He also caught 14 passes for 82 yards. His 4.4 yards per carry average was the biggest reason the Colts had one of the top rushing attacks in the league.

While Mack has been very good so far in his young NFL career, his biggest problem has been availability. He has yet to play a full 16 game schedule in his career. He missed a couple of games this year due to a broken hand, and struggled through an ankle injury as well.

Despite all of this, he helped the Colts have the 7th best rushing attack in the league. Even with missing those games, Mack was still the 11th best rusher in the league individually. He deserves an extension and has proven to be a viable weapon in this offense.

The one think I wish the Colts would do more is throw him the ball. He showed great skills as a receiver early in his career. The drafting of Nyheim Hines has limited his receiving opportunities. They need to throw him the ball more to open up the playbook, especially on third down.

Hopefully Mack can continue to put up this level of production while staying healthy enough to play a full season. He is one of the few weapons this offense has right now.