Colts’ Peyton Manning named to All-Time team

As part of the NFL’s celebration of 100 seasons, the league has been naming players to their All-Time team. The best quarterback in Colts franchise history made that list.

Peyton Manning is the best player in the history of the Indianapolis Colts. He won a Super Bowl, won 4 MVP’s and set numerous records in his time in Indy. He has a statue outside of the stadium he helped build. Now he has another accolade he can add to his mantle.

Manning is one of only 10 quarterbacks in the history of the league to be named to the NFL’s All-Time team. It just helps solidify how great of a career he had in his time in the NFL. Manning is one of two Colts to be named to the All-Time team, alongside former teammate Marvin Harrison.

Ever since Manning left the Colts in 2011, the organization has tried to find someone to replace him. They had that man for awhile in Andrew Luck, but then he abruptly retired before this season in the prime of his career. Now the search continues, as it doesn’t look like Jacoby Brissett is the answer.

Manning did more than just excel in the game of football when he was in Indianapolis. He inspired the community and did great things for the people of Indianapolis. There is a children’s hospital named after him, which is a great facility that takes great care of its patients.

Lucas Oil Stadium wouldn’t be here without Manning. Neither would the expanded convention center, new hotels, and bars that are all scattered throughout downtown. He gave the city an economic boom of which it is still reaping the benefits from.

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This accolade likely means more to Manning than he might let on. He has left his mark on the game permanently, and will be forever remembered as one of the all-time greats.

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