Colts vs. Jags: Conversation with Black & Teal

The Colts play their final game of the season in Jacksonville on Sunday. We talked with the site expert at Black & Teal to learn more about this final matchup.

It’s the last game of the season, and the Colts are trying to finish the season at 8-8. They have to beat the Jaguars to achieve that final record. We talked with our friends at Black & Teal to see what we need to know about the second matchup between these two teams.

1. Is Minshew auditioning for the starting quarterback position next year

Very much so. Jaguars will have both quarterbacks on the roster next year, but in my opinion it is Minshew’s to lose. Nick Foles will compete in camp, and he may win the battle. But for now, the team’s coaching staff has a better feel for what the rookie can do over a longer period of time then a veteran who has not gotten enough game time this season.

2. Can the Jags defense get pressure on Jacoby Brissett consistently?

I believe so. The Jaguars’ pass rush hasn’t been an issue this year. While everything appears to be determined by how many sacks a team has, the Jaguars are amongst the top 10 this season. Calais Campbell and Yannick Ngakoue have applied pressure this year in ways they haven’t in years past. Also, the addition of Josh Allen, who has 10 sacks as a rookie, add another element of speed and versatility. Despite the fact Brissett is a mobile quarterback, he could be running for his life this week.

3. What is the best part about this Jaguars team at this stage in the season?

They are a talented group of players who have not played up to their potential. The coaching staff hasn’t done enough to prepare this team for victories. There has been turmoil in the front office which has overshadowed everything else. This is a team in disarray that needs a reset. And above all of that, the best thing about this team is it there are still enough younger players, like Allen, like Ngakoue, like Leonard Fournette and DJ Chark, that gives this fan base hope for the future.

4. Who is the team MVP for the Jags?

Leonard Fournette by far. Being in the season we didn’t know that Fournette that would be a part of this organization in the future. Now it looks like the team should keep him and extend him after next year. The running back has done amazing things not just running the football, but catching the football and staying healthy.

Maybe the best part of his game though has been his pass blocking, where he has saved the quarterbacks’ backside from being dropped many times. The best thing about Fournette is he is not slowing down and despite being the major focus of the offense, he continues to prove that he is a dual threat option.

5. The Jags win on Sunday if…

Wow, the Jaguars win this weekend if they’re able to put together two halves of football. The offense must get off to a fast start. The defense cannot allow the Colts to score early. The pass rush must contain the quarterback. And above everything else they can’t allow the Colts to run right through them. It’s the final game of the season for both teams.

The home team is playing for pride and potentially their head coach’s job. I believe if the Jaguars can score more than 20 points they should win this game. But getting to those 20 points is going to take a Herculean effort.

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We will see who can take home the victory in their final game of this season.

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