Colts vs. Jaguars: 2019 week 17 preview

It’s the last game of the season, and the Colts are looking to end the year on a high note. Can they beat Jacksonville to go into the offseason with some momentum?

2019 did not go the way the Colts imagined it would go. They weren’t able to achieve any of their goals because of a rash of injuries that killed any chance of that. But they have a chance to build some momentum going into the 2020 season by beating the Jags on Sunday.

It will be a different game than it was the first time they played. The Colts have to play a different quarterback first of all, as it won’t be Nick Foles out there this time. It will be Gardner Minshew who will be under center for Jacksonville.

Because of that, the Colts need to put more pressure on Minshew to force him into mistakes. The Colts also need to have a good running game like they did last time. Marlon Mack will be a focal point of the offense like he normally is. He has to have a big game for them to win.

This final Sunday will be the last chance for Jacoby Brissett to audition for the starting quarterback job for the future. He has had some really bad performances since leaving the Pittsburgh game with an injury. That injury seems to have affected him more than he has let on.

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Ultimately, it might be better for them if the Colts lose this game. That would give them a bit of a bump in terms of a draft slot. That could give them a better player. But no one on this team is thinking about that. They just want to win.

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