Colts’ Marvin Harrison named to NFL All-Time team

The NFL continues to release members of their All-Time team as part of their celebration of their 100th season. A Colts player was just recently named to that team.

Marvin Harrison is one of the best players to ever play the game of football. He is a Pro Football Hall of Famer, he’s in the Colts Ring of Honor, and is one of the most talented receivers ever. Now he has another accolade that he can tout involving his great career.

Harrison was named to the NFL All-Time team. He was listed along with about 20 other receivers that make the list. This team is a comprehensive list that encompasses the entire history of the league. It is an extreme honor to be named to this team.

In his time with the Colts, Harrison amassed 14,580 yards on 1,102 career catches and added 128 touchdowns. All but 8 of those touchdowns were thrown to him by Peyton Manning. He was an 8-time Pro Bowler and was named First Team All-Pro 3 times.

Harrison also currently owns the record for most catches in a season, which he set in 2002 with 143. That record will probably get broken this year by Michael Thomas, but it’s still an achievement to have his record last this long.

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The NFL continues to release their All-Time team as the season winds down. There should be a few more Colts on the list as it continues to get released, and we will let you know of who they are once they are announced.

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