Texans may have physical advantage, but Colts have psychological one

The Texans are the healthier team coming into the Thursday matchup between the two teams, but the Colts have the psychological advantage over them.

The best ability is availability. Unfortunately, the Colts don’t have many players who have been available for all of their games. It has hurt their ability to win games that they should win, such as their game against Pittsburgh or home against the Dolphins.

Houston will come in Thursday as the healthier team. They will have more playmakers available for the big game. They aren’t missing any big time receivers or their quarterback. But they are missing the psychological advantage, because the Colts own that.

Indy owns that because they have owned the Texans recently. They won two out of three last year, including in the playoffs in Houston, and won the previous matchup this season. Houston can’t seem to get over the hump to beat this team no matter the circumstance.

That psychological advantage could help the Colts in this one. They are a team that is going to fight no matter who they have to put on the field. But they have been in a bunch of close games and have beaten this Houston team before. That will help them on Thursday.

The Colts won’t panic no matter what situation comes up on Thursday. Even though they don’t have a lot of guys on offense who can make big plays, they will still be able to move the ball down the field on long drives. Those long drives are the key to winning.

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If the Colts have a lead late in the game, there is no doubt that they will close out the victory on the strength of their running attack.

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