AFC South Roundup: Colts tied for first again

The Colts won a key game against a divisional foe, and it put them back in first. How else did everyone else do in the division.

It was a big win for the Colts on Sunday. They were able to beat down the Jaguars on Sunday 33-13 in a win that could possibly save their season. That win put them at 6-4 and allowed them to vault back into a tie for first place. Meanwhile, Jacksonville fell to 4-6 and are now dead last in the AFC South. They will play in Tennessee next week.

The Colts’ opponent on Thursday night is Houston. They got smoked by the Ravens 41-7 in a game that was never close. That loss brings Houston down to 6-4 and tied with Indy for first place. But the Colts have the tiebreaker for beating them earlier in the year.

Tennessee is now in third place without doing much. They were on a bye week after beating Kansas City the previous week. They now will face Jacksonville next week in a battle to keep playoff hopes alive. The loser of the game is likely out of playoff contention.

There’s no question the biggest game of the week will be on Thursday for the divisional standings of the AFC South. Both the Colts and the Texans have played really well at times and both have played really poorly. This game could set the pace for who wins the division.

If the Colts win, they will essentially have a two game lead on Houston because they would have won both matchups. Therefore they would have the tiebreaker. It’s a week that could define the season for the whole division.