4 GIFs to describe the Colts’ season so far

It’s been an up and down ride so far this season for the Colts and their fans. These four GIFs seem to describe what the team and the fanbase has gone through pretty well.

The 2019 season has been a roller coaster for the Colts and their fans. It’s been full of incredible highs and incredible lows. What’s crazy is that there has been a full range of emotions already, and only 10 games of the season have been played.

I have carefully selected four GIFs that I think accurately depict what the fanbase has gone through so far this season. It ranges from before the season started to where we sit right now going into week 12. The first one deals with the preseason expectations.


This was every Colts fan coming into the season looking at a roster of great players like Andrew Luck, Quenton Nelson, Darius Leonard, Marlon Mack, and T.Y. Hilton. Fans expected that this team could contend for a Super Bowl based on their talent.

The schedule looked favorable too. Early on, it looked like the toughest games were in the early part of the schedule. The first five games were going to be the hardest, at least on paper. But then things changed in preseason…


This was everyone’s reaction when Andrew Luck retired. It came out of nowhere, and no one knew what to expect next. It meant that Jacoby Brissett was now going to be the new quarterback. moving forward. But it also meant for most fans, any hope at a title was now over.

But then the team started to actually play games and we got a good look at how Brissett could play with this team. It looked like he could actually beat teams that were good. The defense looked solid. Then they beat Kansas City and fans really started to get excited.


After that game, it looked like this team was something special. They were decimated with injuries on the defensive side of the ball and they still beat one of the best teams in the league at night on the road. It couldn’t have been a better script.

Since then though, the injuries have piled up. They lost T.Y. Hilton to a calf injury, Parris Campbell to a broken hand, and even Jacoby Brisset missed a game with an MCL sprain. But yesterday the Colts destroyed the Jags right before a big showdown with Houston. And then fans got the Marlon Mack news…


News came out that Mack broke his hand and had to have surgery and is now out indefinitely. This leaves Campbell, Devin Funchess, possibly Hilton, and now Mack out for the big game on Thursday night. The injuries just keep piling on.

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One thing that the Colts have proven this season is that they are resilient and can fight through injuries. They have done so this season and will have to continue to do so if they want to make the playoffs. Then maybe another happy GIF would be in order.

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