Colts 2018 season recap: Least Valuable Player

Now that the season is over, we take a look at the good, and the bad, of the Colts’ season. We already looked at the MVP, now we take a look at the LVP fo this season.

The Colts didn’t have a lot of players who didn’t contribute towards their season. But there were a few players who didn’t hold up their end of the bargain, mostly in the beginning of the year. One of those players was glaringly bad however.

That player is Le’Raven Clark. He had to fill in for the injured Anthony Castonzo for the first four games of the season. He appeared in 12 games overall however. It would have been better for the Colts if he hadn’t appeared at all. He was a constant liability.

The former third round pick allowed two sacks and got called for four penalties when he was out there on the field. He also allowed several pressures on Andrew Luck and made him have to run around in the pocket. This helped contribute to their 1-5 start.

It is no coincidence that once Castonzo came back and replaced Clark that the offensive line play turned around. Once Clark was placed on the bench, Luck was able to have more time in the pocket and find men down field. They were also able to run the ball much better.

The good news is that the Colts shouldn’t need Clark anymore. It was somewhat of a surprise that he was not cut after training camp. That might be the case next season, as he has not done anything to keep his roster spot.

The Colts didn’t have many bad players who played significant time this season. Hopefully that continues into next year and beyond.