Indianapolis Colts: 30 greatest players in franchise history

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Robert Mathis, Indianapolis Colts
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10. player. 46. . Defensive End. 2003-2016. Robert Mathis

The Colts’ underappreciated edge rusher of the early 2000s, Robert Mathis spent much of his time in Indianapolis playing in the shadow of Dwight Freeney. However, when you look back at his production and impact, there’s no denying he deserves a spot among the Top 10 Colts of all-time.

The franchise leader in career sacks, Mathis just had a knack for tracking and taking down quarterbacks. Although not quite as effective or consistent as Freeney, the amount of sacks he racked up and nightmares he induced were just as impressive.

Here are two numbers to consider: 19.5 and 123. The first is the Colts’ single-season record for sacks and the other is the franchise record for a career. Believe it or not, Mathis owns both. Yes, he has more sacks for Indianapolis than Freeney, and topped his teammate’s best single-season sack number a year after he left town.

People will try to make the case that Mathis belongs above Freeney on this list. While I don’t agree with that assertion, it still seems as though No. 10 is more than sufficient to give the underrated defensive end some well-earned credit.